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Pool And Concrete Maintenance

Concrete and masonry surfaces should be protected from the elements in order to avoid cracking, surface wear and tear, and discoloration.

This includes smooth, rough and stamped applications.

We have sealers and many coating options designed to help protect your investment!

We provide cleaning, crack fillers, mason repair and all coating options.


  • Pressure clean to remove mold, mildew, carbon, grime and other surface discoloration.
  • Provide masonry repairs as needed including crack fillers and skim coating.
  • Apply your choice of sealers, stains or epoxy finishes, all designed to protect your concrete.
  • Apply ‘shark-bite’ non-skid additive to your glossy sealer if needed.
  • Final clean-up.

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Let us show you how we can help you protect your investment for years to come!!

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